Our Story

Elmer was born in Sonora, Mexico and came to the United States at age of 11. He grew up in Los Angeles area and started his work career very young. He had worked a multiple of trades. He started in a bakery as a dishwasher, and has held almost every job in the restaurant business from a jewish deli, to making pizzas at a Italian restaurant, and a manager/cook for the International House of Pancakes company. He also held jobs in the construction field , started working for the Southern Pacific railroad company as a machinist, he worked for trucking companies and then moved to Uniroyal Tire company and soon was the manager.

He soon grew tired of making money for other people wanted to become successful and make money for himself. In 1973 he decided to take his love of food a bit further, so with his mother's recipes, a bit of LA flavor and his own unique style of cooking he wanted to open a restaurant and moved to Arizona to follow his dream..
He tried to branch out and set up food stands at the salt river for people to enjoy but was unsuccessful, as well as inside the state fairgrounds. He searched long and hard for many months to find the right location. In 1974 Just when he was about to throw in the towel he came across what is now known as his original location of 399 N Arizona Ave. He had a slow start and continued working jobs at night to pay the bills, and sold food at sports fields during the weekends. Eventually his business grew along with the growth of the town.

He did All recipes are a mix of LA, Sonora and his own style of cooking. Everything is made fresh every day and
Thanks to the three generations of Chandler Wolf alumni thanks to the people of chandler to Your patronage, friendship and all the love that you have shown me for the past 39 years.

Elmer has always had a passion for food and a strong sense of unbelievable work ethic. In 1970 he jumped into his new adventure and decided to make his dream a reality. He opened shop on the corner of Eerie and Arizona Avenue. He made that corner his home and worked all day and held a second and sometimes third job just to stay afloat. In 1984 he closed down shop and was on the hunt for another location. He moved a few doors down and worked to open the place you all know and love a year later.